◼︎ Wholesale

Mel Coffee Roasters specializes in specialty coffees and also wholesales.

We help those who are not satisfied with the coffee they have brewed in the store, restaurants, cafes, and those who will open coffee shops in the future.

Help set up an espresso machine or coffee grinder. We are particular about water, and professional baristas also provide extraction training, aiming for a good relationship with wholesalers. Of course, we also do coffee extraction training with hand drip, French press, and various brewing methods.

▪️ Initiatives at Mel Coffee Roasters
Select only high quality beans
Temperature control of raw beans
Raw bean moisture value data
Raw bean density data
Hand picks of defective beans before roasting
Roasting (light roasting, deep roasting)
Hand picks of defective beans after roasting
Color data by roast analyzer after roasting (middle, outside)
Roasting profile data management
Sharing cupping (tasting) after roasting
Training on how to extract by different roasting
(Espresso, hand drip, etc.)
▪️ We also accept sample inquiries.

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