Frequently asked Questions
Q. When do you have a coffee class?
A. The coffee class will be updated as soon as the schedule is decided.
The availability of classrooms is also posted on Instagram and Face Book.
Coffee classes are so popular that the entire schedule is filled within about
a day after recruiting. Please note that it is often displayed as sold out. Q. Can I choose coffee for subscription? A. Regular purchases are shipped on the 2nd and 4th Fridays. Coffee beans are basically blended coffee, but if you would like a single origin,
please let us know in the remarks column. It is possible to change the taste of coffee on the way,
so please let us know in the remarks column.
◼︎ At the time of purchase
Please select your favorite number from the following in
the remarks column and tell us. ① Light roast-Medium light roast "Coffee that has sweetness and fruitiness
and can be drunk refreshingly" ② Medium roast-Medium deep roast "Coffee with richness and sweetness" ③ Medium-deep roasting-Deep roasting "Coffee with a strong weight and
taste" In the remarks column, select the desired grain from A, B, and C and tell us. Those who do not enter the letters A, B, and C will automatically be
"as beans".
A Finely ground (espresso) B Medium grind (hand drip) C Coarse grind (French press / metal filter) Direct inquiries below