Mel Coffee Blend 【Light roast】

Mel Coffee Roasters

定價 ¥1,700
Mel Coffee Blend 【Light roast】
Mel Coffee Blend 【Light roast】

Mel Coffee Blend

[Combination] Ethiopia, Kenya
[Taste Note] Osmanthus, Cherry, Brown sugar, Lime, Grapefruit, Jasmine

Mel Coffee Blend is a blended coffee that has been made over many years by combining various beans since we opened.

We only use light roast beans are blended of several types, and we constantly change the combination and develop little by little.

The key to the Mel Coffee Roasters blend is Kenyan beans.

Kenya is always popular in Mel Coffee Roasters, which emphasizes the fruity sweetness. The slight difference in the composition of the blend affects the taste, which is one of the pleasures.

For example, when a 100g blend is made 6: 4, it is difficult to make the same amount of beans every time, and it may be extracted with a combination of 7: 3 or 5: 5. We try to blend this coffee for you to always enjoy even when the amount is slightly different each time.

Please enjoy the harmony of balance and the change of Flavor that can only be experienced with blends.